Testimonio desde Nueva York

I was 22 when I got diagnosed with vulvodynia. My first gynecologist told me I was crazy. She said that my pain was all in my head and that I just needed to relax and have a drink, all this talk while she proceeded to try to shove the speculum inside me.

Sex was extremely painful, so I never quit in finding the proper help. After a lot of search, I found a much better doctor and got the diagnosis. I’ve never met anyone else that I can relate to. I’m currently in a lot of pain, burning sensation, stabbing, sharp knife like pains. Sometimes I can’t even walk, sit, or stand. Wearing pants even hurts.

Reading your page is very useful. All I want are answers and to be able to lead a normal life. I’m so glad I found you Pam. You seriously have brought me so much comfort, just knowing that there may be some hope. Thank you for that!

Pame Clynes