Testimonio desde California

Hello, I’m from California and I have been struggling with chronic pain for the last three and half years. It started suddenly, without any warning and without an identifiable cause. I went to my GP, who thought it was a yeast infection. She sent me to a nurse practitioner, who then sent me to a gynecologist. This was the 1st time a doctor told me that the pain was “all in my head”. I went to several more doctors, but they didn’t offer any answers nor solutions. One of them performed a pelvic exam horribly wrong, and since then I’ve been suffering with PTSD. Finally, I was introduced to pelvic floor physical therapy, which I am still working on today. I’ve tried several other medications, topical creams, heat and ice pads, but none of them have fully gotten rid of my vulvar pain. I’m still waiting with high hopes on a proper diagnose on Vulvodynia.

Before finding Peace With Pain through Instagram, I felt really isolated. I didn’t feel I could talk to anyone about my pain, since women’s health is such a taboo issue. Thanks Pame for giving me such comfort in knowing that I’m not alone. I love that this platform shows that living with this pain makes you a stronger person, not a weaker one. I guess I speak for the English speaking community, we truly appreciate that bilingual content, it makes it easier for us to connect with the information.